Jamaica, America etc surprisingly implement UBI-like packages. (+Artificial Intelligence Discussion)

1) In November 2019, I wrote about presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s UBI (Universal Basic Income) proposal in the context of Jamaica and artificial intelligence usage, on my RobotizeJamaica page.

2) I didn’t think UBI, nor anything of similar scale was possible in Jamaica in 2019, based on Jamaica’s much smaller/less advanced economy prior to the outbreak. (Although I thought it was possible in USA’s wealthy automation-strong economy, though still, UBI in USA was not expected in 2019 prior to the outbreak, but it turned out that Yang ended up working with Trump administration to deliver UBI-like stimulus package amidst the outbreak.)

3) Albeit now, amidst the Covid19 outbreak, a UBI-like package is what the current Jamaican government reasonably has to resort to, in order to try to sustain the economy, and perform future lockdowns on wider scales where applicable.

a) (relevant to Jamaica) “Jamaican Gov’t announces $25 billion coronavirus stimulus package”:


b) (relevant to USA) “Andrew Yang has spoken with Trump officials about a plan to directly give Americans cash to counter the coronavirus slump”:


c) (relevant to USA) “What’s in the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill”


Author, Jordan Micah Bennett, RobotizeJa



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