A Gleaner 2018 forecast by Jordan, of potential call center job losses, due to automation

1) My June 3, 2018 gleaner article (**last paragraph**), citing how call center jobs could be lost due to automation in the following years, in Jamaica. (These jobs were already being lost abroad)

Jordan article 2018: “Artificial Intelligence And The Economy | Utilising Artificial Intelligence Could Aid Economic Stimulation”


2) Just one of many examples of software that automates call center work, established since before 2017 abroad:


3.a) April 2, 2020: Jamaica BPO call center employees have been laid off amidst covid19 pandemic:


3.b) Amidst the pandemic, Jamaican employers may soon realize that it may be silly to avoid automating call center jobs.
Gleaner 2020 article “BPO call center Worry”:


4a) Relevant Article: “Coronavirus will force manufacturers to enhance automation, digitalization”:


4b) Another relevant article: “Coronavirus May Mean Automation Is Coming Sooner Than We Thought”


5) Another gleaner article of mine with relevant numbers:
Jordan article 2019: “Why Jamaica Urgently Needs A Minister Of Artificial Intelligence”


Author, Jordan Micah Bennett, RobotizeJa



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