God Bennett, lecturer of “Universal Ai Diploma” with focus on (Neural networks), and creator of Robotize Jamaica in 2018, (non profit to improve Ja’s economy through Ai services) urges hospitals/medical institutions to start using CT scan based artificial intelligence algorithms, including recently fda-approved artificial intelligence based covid19 diagnosis solutions on…

Cryptosynth 0019

A “Cryptosynth Aeon” (created by God Bennett) is an artificial intelligence powered, artistically realistic 3d being (NFT/Cryptoart), that anyone can actually hold a conversation with.

Four cryptosynths have been sold, 16 more of 197 unique cryptosynths are available. See opensea link in description:


I’ve also open sourced the ai code etc, for collaborative improvement of cryptosynths:


Article adapted from author’s facebook post.

Some of the world’s smartest people have changed their careers/focus from physics to focus on Artificial General Intelligence/Ai research:

  1. Prof Max Tegmark is a famous theoretical physicist, who instead ended up founding IAIFI, who got funded 20 million usd to focus on the intersection…

Author ~ God Bennett (Curious about my name? Why I an atheist, legally changed my name to God Bennett)

Article written: August 18, 2020

Source: “Thought Curvature” or “Supersymmetric Artificial Neural Network” paper: https://github.com/JordanMicahBennett/Supersymmetric-artificial-neural-network
  1. “Thought Curvature” or the “Supersymmetric Artificial Neural Network (2016)” is reasonably observable as a new branch or field of Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence, called Supersymmetric…

…and also why every political system on the planet should reasonably incorporate a similar top level (or higher) cabinet Ai based role into their political systems.

This April 25, 2020, article is adapted from a December 29, 2019 article of mine in the local Jamaican Newspaper, Gleaner.

In 2016, in a face-to-face talk, I had advised The Jamaican University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona’s artificial intelligence lecturer to introduce artificial neural networks, also known as…

1) My June 3, 2018 gleaner article (**last paragraph**), citing how call center jobs could be lost due to automation in the following years, in Jamaica. (These jobs were already being lost abroad)

Jordan article 2018: “Artificial Intelligence And The Economy | Utilising Artificial Intelligence Could Aid Economic Stimulation”


The image attached, is a summarization of fundamental physics, by “the world’s smartest physicist”, Edward Witten.

The study of fundamental physics, one of mankind’s most important inventions today, seeks to help describe our universe in scientific/precise terms.

Source 1:
Edward Witten, “Physics and Geometry”, 1986, Page 20: https://cds.cern.ch/record/181783/files/cer-000093203.pdf

Source 2:
Lex Fridman (MIT Agi lecturer) Artificial Intelligence podcast #88 featuring Eric Weinstein, mathematician.

Source 3:
Eric Weinstein’s project to democratize understanding of fundamental physics:

God Bennett

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